Monday, October 4, 2010


There’s a lot of drama in our lives. All that stress, worry, anger, self-pity, frustration and so on. But why? Is it because a lot of bad things happen? Is that drama good for us? Where does it come from?

People have a hunger for all that! If you turn on your TV and watch the news, listen to music or watch a Hollywood flick – all you can see are people who are struggling and we have some kind of respect for that. Let me explain... Every Hollywood film has its underdog who at the last minute does something incredible, saves the day and wins over everyone's hearts. Those are the people who we remember and have respect movies OR in real life. Everyone wants to be THAT guy.

At one point when shhh starts hitting the fan you over complicate the situation and self-sabotage yourself. Soon after that you realize that problems are much worse than you expected! A lot of people enjoy the next part too much – self-pity. It’s our EGO which wants us to drown in self-pity. You dwell in your own sorrow for a while and when you’ve had enough you take action or give up. After that you will just repeat the circle.

This is what i want you to do: Drop the baggage! Lose the drama! Stop overanalyzing and overthinking!

Admit it! When you look at the whole Universe with its complexity and then compare it to our issues you can see how irrelevant our small problems are. There is no good or bad!- nothing in this world is worth crying over or feeling upset about. If You can’t change it...accept it! I’m not just talking about small stuff. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to feel bad about your friend dying but most people exaggerate the situation. Learn to notice the honest feelings which are much deeper inside you!

Try this out for a couple of weeks – don’t give any situation any value. Good or bad. Get joy from just taking on challenges and goals – not by completing or winning them. Just give it your best on every situation and don’t think about stuff too much(it will only cause fear,worry and illusion). Soon you will realize how awesome you are and how much you can really accomplish with the right mindset.

Coming soon – Goals, Fear, Relationships.


  1. I can actually agree with this. I do get over-stressed about the simplest things. I always think that the process of things itself is better than the result. Good post man, keep it up.

  2. i hate drama why cant people all just get along =(